PGIM Real Estate and OpenSpace – Remote monitoring of construction progress and asset condition

The Dexus team set out to create a single delivery destination for all occupants at Rialto. Groundfloor’s solution provided new tech-enabled addition to their existing suite of premium amenities.


The construction of PGIM Real Estate’s co-living, retail and office asset in Shanghai was affected by COVID and disrupted the team’s ability to travel. OpenSpace allowed real time, visual remote monitoring and progress tracking of the jobsite.

Real time, meaningful tracking

Remote inspection and monitoring

More efficient reporting workflow

Accountability and record of construction quality and progress

“It was very intuitive, and simple enough for an investor to use. You can do an immediate comparison – you don’t have to refer to hard copies, you’re free to browse through weeks, months or years of data on your own, within seconds. We found that it was a more efficient workflow, and really cut down on the necessity of paper reporting, which may not capture the information you’re looking for. With access, anyone in the world can have a look at the progress of the project is something that was quite different and added value when we couldn’t travel.”

Su Lin Wee,
Executive Director, Head of Asset Management (SEA, HK & China),
PGIM Real Estate


PGIM Real Estate used OpenSpace to digitise its documentation process for a mixed-use project in Xietu Road, Shanghai, China, where Covid disrupted the development team’s ability to travel to the construction site. Due to restricted travel, PGIM Real Estate needed a solution to track construction progress, contractors and materials remotely.

Solution implemented

OpenSpace is a software that maps 3D images of construction sites against floorplans and Building Information Models (BIM), creating a comprehensive and shared visual record of jobsites. OpenSpace allowed PGIM Real Estate to have real time oversight of their construction project, better transparency of work completed and safety, avoidance of clashes and future rework, and a full digital record of build processes for reference.

Outcome delivered

The technology provided a record of construction quality and progress, and improved project governance and accountability. The software also measured the automatic tracking of work delivered, including quantities of materials and percentage completion against the project plan. The result was meaningful, real time and remote progress tracking and increased efficiency across the project from demolition to completion. It also provided an auditable record of the construction process and improved sustainability outcomes through lower rework and waste.

About OpenSpace

OpenSpace is an advanced reality capture technology that is transforming the built environment by enabling stakeholders to monitor and manage construction projects with unparalleled efficiency. For more information, visit

Source: OpenSpace October 2023