CDL and Ampd Energy – Battery systems to reduce carbon emissions on construction jobsite

The Dexus team set out to create a single delivery destination for all occupants at Rialto. Groundfloor’s solution provided new tech-enabled addition to their existing suite of premium amenities.


City Developments Limited (CDL) deployed Ampd Energy’s Enertainer to reduce carbon emissions and operating expenses at the construction of a residential development in Singapore.

tonnes of CO₂ abated*

reduction in
operating cost

70,000 litres
of diesel saved

~700 hours
of work saved due to reduced maintenance

“We are delighted to have Ampd Energy to support our construction activities. Ampd’s battery systems helped our Contractors to save costs on energy, reduce noise & air pollution, and improve operational efficiencies.. Most importantly, Ampd helped CDL to lower our scope 3 carbon emissions, contributing to CDL’s decarbonization plan.”

Ke-Vin Lim,
Head, Group Innovation, City Developments Limited


Since the 1990s, sustainability has been integrated into CDL’s corporate vision and mission to create enhanced value for business and stakeholders. CDL strives to incorporate green technologies in its developments. Irwell Hill Residences comprises a 540 unit luxury residential development across two towers of 36 floors in Singapore’s District 9.

Solution implemented

Ampd Energy’s battery system, the ‘Enertainer’, was installed in the first quarter of 2022 and powered two of the tower cranes used in the construction for Irwell Hill Residences.

Outcome delivered

From operating data collected on site, the implementation of the Ampd Enertainer resulted in significant carbon emissions reduction and operating cost savings. In 9 months of operation, Ampd helped CDL abate 150 tonnes of CO2 (83% reduction), reduce operating cost by 27%, and save 70,000 litres of diesel. There was also a significant reduction in noise pollution, and a saving of ~700 manhours due to reduced maintenance requirements (i.e. no refuelling, no periodic changing of filters, lubrication, etc). Diesel storage hazards were eliminated, reducing the risks associated with fire, spillage, and pilferage. The 24/7 IOT-enabled system saw improved levels of power availability at ~99.8% uptime, and allowed CDL to monitor the usage and condition of the equipment remotely.

About Ampd Energy

Ampd Energy produces advanced battery energy storage systems that replace diesel generators on construction sites to provide cleaner, quieter and more efficient power consumption. For more information, visit

Source: Ampd Energy October 2023
*83% reduction compared to a similar project