Ampd Energy: Battery energy storage solutions for construction

The Dexus team set out to create a single delivery destination for all occupants at Rialto. Groundfloor’s solution provided new tech-enabled addition to their existing suite of premium amenities.


Headquarters: Hong Kong

Countries of operation: Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the UK

battery solutions deployed

33+ thousand
tonnes of CO₂ avoided

Up to 85%
reduction in carbon & zero direct NOx, PM
& SO₂

quieter than diesel generators

Ampd Energy CEO Brandon Ng talks about relationship with Taronga Ventures

“Taronga Ventures is a very hands-on investor that works closely with its network of partners and has been very helpful in introducing our solutions, products and technologies to its network. That has been very helpful for us both in business development in the existing markets that we’re in, and international expansion into new markets. Taronga Ventures can help accelerate and supercharge your growth by advocacy within their network, because that makes it a win-win partnership between your organisation, Taronga Ventures, their partners, and network.”

Brandon Ng,
CEO & Co-Founder, Ampd Energy

Before investment

Prior to Taronga Ventures investment in 2021, Ampd Energy was an early-stage company largely focused on the Hong Kong construction market.

Taronga Ventures strategic support

Ampd Energy was part of Taronga Ventures ESG Impact program cohort in 2022 which was backed by 9 corporate partners.

Taronga Ventures supported the geographic expansion of the company with implementations across strategic partners and guidance for product certification and regulatory approvals.

Value created

Deployments have more than tripled since initial investment in 2021 and geographic footprint has expanded beyond Hong Kong to Singapore, Australia, UK and the Middle East.

With the rapid revenue growth and geographic expansion, the company successfully raised US$8 million from institutional investors, including MTR Labs.

About Ampd Energy

Ampd Energy produces advanced battery energy storage systems that replace diesel generators on construction sites to provide cleaner, quieter and more efficient power consumption. For more information, visit https://www.ampd.energy/.

Source: Ampd Energy October 2023