Trendspek: High-resolution 3D models of asset exteriors using drone imagery

The Dexus team set out to create a single delivery destination for all occupants at Rialto. Groundfloor’s solution provided new tech-enabled addition to their existing suite of premium amenities.


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Countries of operation: Australia, UK, US and Europe

3.5+ million
photos processed

Users from
40+ countries

Used in over 11 asset-rich countries

asset coverage
on average

Trendspek Co-Founder Fiona Church talks about relationship with Taronga Ventures

“Taronga Ventures is a genuinely passionate group of people. They’re prepared to roll up their sleeves, help you strategically, and also because of their commitment to ESG, they’re looking towards a better future, not just a good return on investment. We highly recommend them as an investment partner – they’ve really helped us get that traction and presence that would’ve taken us a lot longer to do by ourselves if we haven’t had that assistance.”

Fiona Church,
Co-Founder, Trendspek

Before investment

Trendspek participated in the RealTechX innovation program in 2020, leading to initial pilots with a Taronga Ventures fund investor PGIM Real Estate, definition of new use cases for the technology and a deepening of the relationship with the investment team.

Taronga Ventures strategic support

Taronga Ventures investment team has since supported Trendspek with all aspects of company development, from refinement of the company’s commercial model to opening access to global customers.

Customer opportunities that were opened have led to a range of commercial projects with asset owners, distribution arrangements with consultant partners and global master services agreements governing further project implementations.

Value created

The Trendspek team and revenue have more than doubled since the initial investment. The additional capacity has seen the team support rapidly growing markets, such as the UK and US, and built and support an alliance partner network that includes multinational organisations such as CBRE, Applus+, Arcadis and KBR.

The hands-on approach of Taronga Ventures has helped shape and support Trendspek’s mission: that every asset decision should be based on evidence; not assumptions.

About Trendspek

Trendspek is a secure, cloud-based platform enabling remote collaboration to complete defect assessments, interactive 3D reporting and maintenance planning online to enable evidence-led decisions and to build more resilient structures. For more information, visit https://trendspek.com/.

Source: Trendspek November 2023