Founders of Australian startup Trendspek are global leaders in PAI


Trendspek uses drones to capture unlimited 360-degree images of high-value assets. Now the three Australian pilots who came up with the idea are selling it to the world.

Australian Institute of Company Directors, 01/06/23

Twenty years ago, as bush pilots, Mitch Deam MAICD, Derek Feebrey and Fiona Church shared a house in the Northern Territory. In between flying judges, doctors and First Nations school students across vast swathes of desert, they began discussing possible business ideas while sitting around the kitchen table. Feebrey and Church would go on to spend more than a decade as Qantas pilots, while Deam flew aircraft for Virgin Australia.

In 2013, the trio set up one of Australia’s first drone service companies. Hoverscape undertook aerial inspections of industrial infrastructure using photographs captured by drones, which at that time required a pilot’s licence to operate. As clients began to ask for inspections of larger and more complicated structures, the trio realised that photographs alone lacked context and were difficult to interpret. “We looked for a software solution that would meet our client’s needs,” says Church. “It didn’t exist anywhere in the world, so we decided to build it ourselves.”

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