Tech opportunities arise in pandemic disruption says Taronga Ventures


From his vantage point as co-founder and managing partner of Taronga Ventures, Jonathan Hannam has a clear line of sight into how innovation is transforming the real estate industry in Asia Pacific.

Mingtiandi, 16 November 2021

Hannam’s firm actively invests in companies that enhance the way properties are designed, procured, financed, developed and managed across all sectors through the flagship RealTech Ventures Fund. The platform’s key backers include Mitsubishi Corporation, Nomura Real Estate Development, PGIM, CBRE and Grosvenor.

Ahead of the release of this year’s Mingtiandi-Yardi tech adoption survey as part of our Property Innovation Forum 2021 later this month, Mingtiandi spoke with Hannam about the poll’s findings and about Sydney-based Taronga’s investments in real estate technology firms around the globe.

62 percent of survey respondents said the pandemic has had a significant or major impact on their plans for their workplaces, and 58 percent said it was having the same level of effect on their portfolios. Does this match with your experience at Taronga Ventures?

That underestimates the impact of the pandemic. Shopping centres and commercial buildings have low occupancy rates across the region, but logistics space is actually going much better and we’re also seeing residential markets in many countries at incredible rates. Pricing is increasing in many markets.

Some sectors are impacted and some sectors are benefiting more. The key is to look beyond COVID. What we like to do is actually think about what has changed because of COVID.

A lot of real estate companies are investing in technology in the wake of the pandemic. In what ways can adopting technical systems help to limit risks in real estate?

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