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Hear insights from the founders and executives of companies in our ESG Impact innovation program on how their technologies are driving impact throughout the built environment.

Powering the Property

Enteligent – Electric vehicle chargers powered by solar energy for more efficient and sustainable charging
EODev – Hydrogen powered generators for backup power generation, as well as for off-grid, emergency and temporary use cases
Everty – Software to monitor, manage and monetise electric vehicle chargers, regardless of charging hardware used

Securing our Assets

WINT Water Intelligence – Software and hardware to prevent water damage through intelligent detection of leaks and automatic shut-off
KABAM Robotics – Robots to augment security and facilities management workforces to deliver security and safety more effectively
Sapien Cyber – Software platform providing cyber security risk protection for operational technologies within assets

New Insights

Intensel – Climate risk assessment software to measure portfolio and asset-level financial risks with a focus on Asia
SkenarioLabs – Data platform to help with portfolio-level decarbonisation strategies, as well as assessing other market and ESG risks
Autocase – Software to develop business cases that include social and environmental factors in triple-bottom line assessments of projects

Greener Buildings

Cerclos – Software to support sustainability teams with analysis of embodied carbon and lifecycle carbon management
Naava – Indoor green walls with smart filtration technology to deliver improved indoor air quality and tenant satisfaction
Scaler – Data platform streamlining ESG strategy from data collection to reporting, to asset-level analytics and net zero carbon roadmaps

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