Taronga Advisory | Driving Biodiversity and Nature in Our Cities


Building a better future: How can we drive more nature into our cities?

In this insightful interview, Taronga Advisory’s ESG & Sustainability Director, Rebecca Jinks, sits down with Alex Mclean, CEO of Alvéole, an urban beekeping company, to discuss the growing need for nature-driven solutions in buildings. 

They discuss how building owners and operators can use nature to combat climate change and biodiversity loss, drive wellness and engagement with tenants, and even improve community impact. From transforming unused rooftops to bringing more nature inside buildings, they explore how biodiversity – including pollinators – contribute to creating healthier cities. Rebecca and Alex also discuss how nature-related programs can earn credits for green building certifications and how biomonitoring and new technologies can help analyse biodiversity and drive habitat creation.
Join us in this important conversation about the future of biodiversity and how we can all work together to create a more sustainable and nature-driven future.