Sustainability program sets sights on real estate sector


Recognising their significant contribution to CO2 emissions and high level of energy use, businesses across the real estate industry are turning to new technology to reduce their carbon footprints.

Real Estate Business, Juliet Helmke, 2 December 2021

Technology and innovation investor Taronga Ventures is reporting wide interest in a new program that offers avenues for businesses to boost their ESG performance.

Real estate firms Dexus, ISPT, Vicinity Centres, CBRE and International Towers have been early adopters of the program, which provides access to technology from a range of providers to drive ESG transformation in their real estate portfolios.

Options, for example, include access to companies such as Allume Energy, which has developed a system for rooftop solar energy between multiple tenants in a building using behind-the-meter switches, saving 280 tonnes of carbon over a 10-year period.

Another offering is Valen Energy, a producer of solar energy-generating poles to power security, lighting, smart sensors and connectivity in public spaces.

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