Watch: Meet the Founders of ESG Impact Companies


In these short videos, founders of companies in our ESG Impact innovation program tell us the stories behind the technologies, their passion for driving impact and their vision for the future of the industry.

Greener Construction

Ampd Energy, CarbonCure, Globechain, SiteHive

Ampd Energy – Battery systems that replace diesel generators on construction sites to provide cleaner, quieter and data-rich power
CarbonCure – Technology to permanently embed recycled CO₂ into concrete to reduce the carbon footprint without compromising performance
Globechain – Construction and fitout waste marketplace connecting corporates, non-profits and SMBs
SiteHive – Environmental monitoring and management enabling transparency and compliance on construction sites

Sustainable Buildings

Bardee, Measurabl, One Concern, WiredScore

Bardee – Organic waste management using insects to create agricultural products from food waste
Measurabl – ESG data management, reporting and performance tracking software for commercial real estate
One Concern – Software platform that models climate risks for portfolio management and to improve asset resilience
WiredScore – Global system that provides a standard for digital connectivity and smart buildings

Social & Wellness

Alvéole, BindiMaps, Social Value Portal, uHoo

Alvéole – Urban beehives to track and boost biodiversity and engage occupants
BindiMaps – Accessible wayfinding solution for people with disabilities
Social Value Portal – Social value measurement, management and reporting software platform
uHoo – Indoor air quality monitoring and management with easy-to-deploy sensors