ISPT, Vicinity Centres and International Towers back ESG-focused innovation program for real estate sector


Real estate technology investor, Taronga Ventures, has announced that from 2022 onwards its global innovation program RealTechX will focus on delivering environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes for the real estate sector.

Real estate generates 39% of global process-related carbon emissions (United Nations Environment Programme) and has significant social (i.e. community engagement and wellness) and governance (i.e. construction safety and quality) concerns, leading boards, executives and corporate strategy teams to focus heavily on improving ESG outcomes.

Superannuation fund backed investor ISPT and the International Towers precinct at Barangaroo have returned as continuing program partners and retail assets owner Vicinity Centres has been announced as the latest new corporate partner supporting the program.

Entering its fourth year of operations, Taronga Ventures’ innovation program RealTechX has supported 12 corporate real estate groups and 34 emerging technology businesses to deliver over 50 innovation projects. In 2021, corporate partners have included Dexus, PGIM Real Estate, CBRE, ISPT, Mitsubishi Corporation, Nomura Real Estate, CapitaLand, Australian Unity, International Towers, CoreLogic and Verizon.

From 2022 onwards, the innovation program will focus squarely on driving ESG Impact for the real estate sector, specifically by supporting corporates to adopt emerging technologies and innovations that can deliver on their environmental, social and governance objectives.

ISPT, Vicinity Centres and International Towers are each leaders in sustainability. ISPT has issued over A$3 billion in Sustainability Linked Loans, making ISPT the largest facility issuer in Australia. Vicinity Centres is undertaking a A$73 million solar roll out across its retail asset portfolios, currently targeting 48,500 MWh of clean energy annually. International Towers at Sydney’s Barangaroo is one of the world’s most sustainable precincts; 100% of water is reused through an on-site treatment plant, they are 100% carbon neutral (Climate Active), and have achieved a perfect GRESB resilience score of 100% (GRESB is the global ESG benchmark for real assets).

The partners have joined ESG Impact to gain access to emerging innovations that can extend these efforts even further.

ISPT General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services, Alicia Maynard said: “ISPT is pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with Taronga Ventures’ innovation programs. The partnership and programs gives us access to new technologies and initiatives that enhance sustainability performance, customer experience and portfolio governance outcomes, in alignment with our vision for ESG excellence.”

Vicinity Centres Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Justin Mills said: “At Vicinity Centres, we believe technology and innovation is fundamental to unlocking future growth in our dynamic and evolving retail property environment. Our partnership with Taronga Ventures, in their RealTechX program with its focus on ESG, is aligned with our business strategy to create sustainable, energy-efficient destinations. The program will position us within a unique ecosystem of innovators, allowing us to continue to improve the impacts of our business in the communities where we operate.”

International Towers Fund Manager, Liam Timms said: “International Towers is delighted to be continuing our partnership with Taronga Ventures through its ESG Impact focused program. As a leader in sustainability and climate resilience, it is important for us to connect with changemakers, innovators and legacy builders to remain at the forefront of change in the real estate sector.”

“This partnership gives us access to the world’s best technologies to achieve better ESG outcomes across the operation of our buildings and build better experiences for our community.”

Taronga Ventures Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Jonathan Hannam said: ‘In order to drive meaningful, measurable ESG outcomes we need the support of market leaders – we want to express our gratitude to ISPT and International Towers for their continued support for RealTechX, and welcome Vicinity Centres into the program. These significant industry partnerships demonstrate a strong commitment to driving greater ESG impact and delivering real change through innovation.”

Additional new program partners or those continuing with the network for ESG Impact will be announced over the coming months.


For further information on ISPT, please contact:

Alicia Maynard
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About ISPT

ISPT is committed to creating growth for people and places through property. For over 25 years our properties have been meaningful places for the retailers, companies, government departments and communities that use them. We generate returns for our Investors, which are some of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds, and ultimately the 50%+ of working Australians who have their retirement savings invested in property through us. ISPT’s $19.6 billion portfolio invests and develops commercial, retail, logistics & warehousing and residential property in Australia.

For further information on Vicinity Centres, please contact:

Mark Flintoff
Vicinity Centres
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About Vicinity Centres

Vicinity Centres is one of Australia’s leading retail property groups with a fully integrated asset management platform and $22 billion in retail assets under management across more than 60 shopping centres. For more information visit

For further information on International Towers, please contact:

Kim Dawson
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About International Towers

International Towers is Australia’s most progressive workspace, located on the harbour foreshore at Barangaroo, one of the world’s most sustainable commercial precincts, and Australia’s first large-scale carbon-neutral community. The precinct is on track to deliver zero net waste to landfill and be water positive by 2020. Currently, 90% of all waste is reused, recycled, or repurposed, well above the industry average.  The precinct has set new international benchmarks for design, wellness and environmental responsibility and is home to a collective of game-changing, like-minded organisations. These include some of Australia’s most respected and innovative firms, industry disruptors, and emerging enterprises, brimming with bright minds and visionary leaders, sharing the same determination to make great things happen.

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About Taronga Ventures, the RealTech Ventures Fund and RealTechX

Taronga Ventures, through its RealTech Ventures Fund, is a technology and innovation investor focused on innovation for the built environment. The Fund is an institutional venture fund that invests into globally scalable entities that will enhance or challenge the way real estate is designed, procured, financed, developed and managed across all sectors. The Fund is focused on developing a diverse portfolio covering sustainability, design, materials and software and provides capital, mentorship and global networks for those companies in which it invests, as well as first-mover advantage for the corporates that participate in the Fund. Taronga Ventures has extensive experience across global markets and asset classes and is supported by strategic and institutional partners across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. RealTechX is Asia’s first government-supported, industry-focused independent scale-up program for companies impacting real estate and the wider built world.