ESG Impact – Conversations with Dexus Executives on ESG Innovation


We are delighted to share a candid interview with Deborah Coakley, Executive General Manager, Funds Management, Dexus and Ross Du Vernet, Chief Investment Officer, Dexus about ESG and innovation across the group.

In a conversation facilitated by Jonathan Hannam, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Taronga Ventures, they discuss:

  • The origins of Dexus’ long-standing focus on ESG culture and values
  • How Dexus is responding to the growing ESG requirements from investors and customers
  • How Dexus incorporates ESG as a fundamental component of their investment strategies
  • Which innovations are helping to amplify ESG performance across the Dexus portfolio

ESG Impact aims to share unique and leading perspectives between our partners so they can collectively advance their ESG and innovation activities.