Enteligent accepting pre-orders for world’s first DC-to-DC solar EV charger


Enteligent’s DC-coupled EV charging solution makes clean power accessible for daytime charging


Enteligent Inc., Taronga Ventures portfolio company and developer of solar-powered electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and solar power optimization technologies, is accepting pre-orders for the world’s first solar-powered DC-to-DC charger, the Enteligent TLCEV T1 EVSE. This device provides convenient and affordable daytime charging directly from on-site solar generation, fostering a fundamental shift in energy consumption habits so solar power can be used to charge where it’s generated.

If you’re charging your EV at night, you’re not using clean energy. Most EV owners plug in at night when peak demand is provided by fossil fuels.

Enteligent’s solution offers convenient EV charging, so EV drivers can shift to daytime charging directly from solar panels and top up for free while the sun shines. The TLCEV chargers simply connect to a solar canopy anywhere and generate clean power.

Sean Burke, Co-founder and CEO, Enteligent

Powered directly from the sun, the TLCEV T1 charger’s convenient design makes it easy to integrate EV charging into solar canopies and carports located at residences, office parking lots, campuses, agricultural locales, and construction sites. Since the chargers do not rely on the grid, they do not require lengthy permitting processes and avoid complicated grid integration.

The direct DC-coupled charging provides NACS & CCS-1 options for consumers, making clean solar widely accessible.

Enteligent’s TLCEV chargers can supply up to 12.5 kW of fast DC charging – two times faster than many AC Level 2 EV chargers. The TLCEV T1 12.5 kW DC Charger also eliminates the DC-to-AC-to-DC conversion losses, resulting in up to 20% energy savings.

Pre-orders for TCLEV T1 EV charger are now being accepted HERE.

About Enteligent

Enteligent is a California-based developer of smart solar power optimization and solar EV charging technologies that dramatically increase energy utilization, improve returns on energy investments and enable critical paradigm shifts in how we use energy for the upcoming green electrification revolution. Enteligent’s NMax photovoltaic module power optimizers use smart digital technology to dynamically adjust when to optimize and provide panel-level monitoring data, resulting in greater rooftop yield, more energy harvesting and higher system reliability. Enteligent’s bidirectional DC solar EV chargers enable direct electrification from clean energy to charge faster and more efficiently, recouping up to 25% of the electricity lost by traditional means. Learn more about Enteligent at: https://enteligent.com/


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