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Sydney’s Taronga Ventures to headquarter Asia operations in Singapore

AUSTRALIA-BASED venture capital firm Taronga Ventures on Wednesday said it will anchor its Asia headquarters in Singapore, to expand its “real estate-focused innovation and investment ecosystem” for the region.

The future office: how technology will change your workspace experience

As organisations transition back to the office, the imperative to maintain the health and wellbeing of occupants is at an all-time high. How will technology shape the post-pandemic office?

OpenSpace Lands US$15.9M Series B For Construction Tech

We believe that the future of real estate and construction will include more remote collaboration and review, saving on time and travel by bringing the jobsites to the experts, instead of the other way around, said Jeevan Kalanithi, OpenSpace’s co-founder and CEO, in a written statement.

Taronga Group appoints George Lowndes as Investment Associate within the RealTech Ventures Fund and Taronga Advisory

Taronga Ventures is very pleased to announce the appointment of George Lowndes as Investment Associate within the RealTech Ventures Fund and Taronga Advisory. 

Dexus, CBRE and PATRIZIA back fresh proptech funding wave

Among those raising capital, proptech investment firm Taronga Group is well on its way to securing its target of $100 million in fresh capital for its RealTech Ventures Fund.

Join our team! Taronga Ventures is looking for an Investment Associate

Taronga Ventures is currently looking for an associate to join its team. The role will involve financial analysis, operations, commercial management as well as strategy and implementation advisory.

Super funds follow ADIA into new real estate sector

Jonathan Hannam, co-founder of investment firm Taronga Group, said institutional demand for real estate technology, known as realtech, had “exploded” over the past 12 months as real estate owners and investors look to future proof their portfolios and make them more efficient.

RealTechX reveals first cohort of companies set to change Asia’s real estate sector

12 of Australia’s most innovative Leading Real Estate Technology companies chosen from over 182 applicants for the inaugural growth program.

This Is What 2020 Has In Store For PropTech, According to Seven VCs​

What do you think the proptech investment landscape will look like in 2020 and beyond?
The consensus is that this year will see an ever-growing maturity in proptech, characterised by the emergence of clear category winners and consolidation in the space as the ecosystem matures.

Seven Proptech VCs Reflect On 2019​

What are the top things that stand out for you from 2019?

The investors all agree that 2019 has been yet another bumper year for the sector, which saw investment skyrocket even beyond the wildest expectations they had at the start of the year. According to some estimates, in Q3 2019 global investment into proptech reached $24.6 billion, making $30 billion a plausible target for the year.