Sydney Trains and Presien – No more ‘operating blind’ with AI vision safety system

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The Sydney Trains network is a vital transportation artery, connecting millions of passengers each year. Presien’s AI vision system reduced the risk of workers being struck by mobile plant and equipment during regular maintenance, enhanced safety awareness and improved operations.

interactions captured per month

reduction in unsafe interactions

AI vision fully customised to
the project

Winner of the 2023 Supplier Excellence Award at the Rail Industry Awards

“When working in track possessions, the major risk is not from trains but being struck by mobile plant and equipment moving around on site. We’d been hunting for a safety solution for some time. We didn’t just buy into the tech stack from Presien, but the team behind it. Their experience in computer vision and machine learning was key to ensuring the AI vision was fully customised to our sites. At the trial’s onset, 40 – 50% of interactions were deemed unsafe. However, over the year, this dramatically decreased to around 3% percent. This reduction reflects both system improvements and enhanced safety awareness among our workers.”

Damien Drew, Works Management Lead, Major Works Division, Sydney Trains


Sydney Trains used Presien to improve worker safety, particularly the risk of being struck by mobile heavy plant. The close quarters shared by heavy equipment and workers, coupled with the pressure of restricted track access and round-the-clock operations, created a constant risk of serious, even fatal accidents. 

Solution implemented

To tackle these challenges, Sydney Trains rolled out Presien’s Blindsight safety system. Blindsight is a simple, pre-trained AI vision system designed for mobile plant and fixed infrastructure. Presien’s AI vision models recognise people, machinery, vehicles, and objects with remarkable accuracy, preventing accidents by alerting vehicle operators and crew to objects in blind spots. The system logs event data for stakeholder access and safety reporting.

Outcome delivered

Cloud reporting automatically captures the near misses that are rarely reported with manual processes, so workers can understand their real site risk for the first time. Approximately 30,000 people/plant interactions were captured every month. Sydney Trains were able to improve operations, measure and report near-misses and unsafe interactions, with a 37-47% reduction in unsafe interactions since project inception. Sydney Trains were also able to use footage to create safety induction videos for safety awareness and training, which helped drive much more meaningful discussions about safety on-site.

About Presien

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