Spacecube: Modular construction for semi-permanent assets and infrastructure

The Dexus team set out to create a single delivery destination for all occupants at Rialto. Groundfloor’s solution provided new tech-enabled addition to their existing suite of premium amenities.


Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Regions of operation: Asia Pacific & Europe

25+ sqm
cubes installed

of projects delivered

Over 90%
of Spacecube materials reused
or recycled

Applicable to multiple use cases

“The Taronga Ventures team have been an invaluable support to the Spacecube growth strategy. Since initial investment, Spacecube has not only tripled revenue but launched into other territories and markets thanks to their guidance and investment. The Taronga Ventures team are great ambassadors of the Spacecube story and continually champion our purpose to stakeholders.”

Mark Davies,
CEO, Spacecube

Before investment

At the time of Taronga Ventures’ investment, Spacecube was primarily focused on the events industry and had not explored the breadth of potential use cases in the real asset sector.

Taronga Ventures strategic support

Taronga Ventures’ has supported the Spacecube team to expand into new real asset use cases, including healthcare, accommodation and property marketing.

At a company level, Taronga Ventures’ investment team has supported Spacecube with a range of tactical and strategic challenges, from demand forecasting and inventory management to market entry strategy for Europe and the Middle East.

Value created

Spacecube’s business has continued to grow strongly, more than doubling in 2022 and 2023, and expanding into the United Kingdom to serve the broader European market. The business’s customer base has diversified from events to now include healthcare, residential housing, emergency applications and a range of novel applications imagined by industry partners.

About Spacecube

Modular building system for semi-permanent events, activations, hospitality, healthcare and commercial property that is flat-packable, reusable, relocatable and customisable. For more information, visit https://spacecube.com/.

Source: Spacecube, June 2024