Empire State Building and WINT Water Intelligence – Preventing water damage and improving sustainability

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The Empire State Building implemented WINT Water Intelligence’s AI-based water monitoring and management system to reduce water consumption and detect water leaks.

7.5 million
gallons of water saved per year

300 tons
of carbon emissions reduced per year

saved per year

Initial investment returned within

“The results throughout our partnership with WINT greatly exceeded our expectations. Over the past year, WINT has empowered us to address both water sustainability and carbon emissions and helped to improve the environmental footprint of the Empire State Building. We are focused on investment and return, and WINT also has an impressive positive financial result. It has returned our investment within just three months of use — much faster than typical for similar ESG and infrastructure projects.”


Dana Robbins Schneider,SVP, Director of Energy, Sustainability, and ESG, ESRT


The Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) is the owner of the Empire State Building, a part of its larger portfolio. ESRT is a leader in sustainability, healthy buildings, and indoor environmental quality, and in implementing cutting-edge technologies to meet its sustainability goals.

Solution implemented

ESRT implemented WINT at the Empire State Building to achieve two objectives. Firstly, reduce the building’s environmental footprint by reducing water consumption and, its associated carbon emissions. Secondly, detect and limit water leaks before they cause significant damage to the facility and tenants. To achieve its goals, WINT systems were deployed in multiple locations in the Empire State Building. WINT’s advanced AI and machine learning technologies monitor water flows and alert staff when anomalies are detected. When needed, WINT’s analysts help the Empire State Building’s facilities management team diagnose issues through their significant expertise.

Outcome delivered

With WINT deployed, the Empire State Building reduced its annual water consumption by 7.5 million gallons per year and reduced its carbon emissions by more than 300 tons per year. The project prevented significant water damage, saved over $100,000 per year and returned the initial investment within a 3-month payback period.

About WINT Water Intelligence

WINT systems monitor and manage water flows in physical assets using intelligent real-time monitoring. The system can detect anomalies and intervene in real time to reduce the risk of water damage, reduce water consumption and cut associated carbon emissions. For more information, visit

Source: WINT Water Intelligence May 2024