Dexus Partners with Taronga Ventures to Launch Prop-Tech Program

Australian Financial Review reporter Nila Sweeney headlined Taronga Ventures in AFR article 'Dexus Partners with Taronga Ventures to Launch Prop-Tech Program'.

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RealTechX Growth Program launches to drive innovation in the real estate sector

Taronga Ventures has launched the RealTechX Growth Program to support emerging technology businesses in the real estate sector and the wider built environment ('RealTech') to…

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Taronga Ventures Launches RealTechX Growth Program in Sydney

Thank you to everyone that attended this week's Sydney launch event of the RealTechX Growth Program.

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Australian Incubator RealTechX makes a big push to scale up Real Estate Technologies in Asia-Pacific

South China Morning Post reporter Cheryl Arcibal headlined RealTechX in SCMP article ‘Australian incubator RealTechX makes a big push to scale up real estate technologies in…

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Taronga Ventures Appoints Julian Kezelman as RealTechX Program Manager

Taronga Ventures announces that it has appointed Julian Kezelman as Program Manager for the RealTechX Growth Program and as a Growth Advisor to Taronga Ventures.

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RealTechX Growth Program receives Australian Government Support

Taronga Ventures has secured support from the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science for its 2019 and 2020 RealTechX Growth Programs.

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ISPT joins Taronga Ventures in ‘proptech’ investments

Superannuation fund investor ISPT has teamed up with property technology group Taronga Ventures to invest in early-stage "proptech" businesses, as it joins the move to digitalise…

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Taronga Ventures speaks at KPMG Private Client Briefing

This week Real Tech Ventures held a Private Client briefing at KPMG Sydney. The topic was the Reality of Real Tech and the ensuing discussion was robust. Special thanks to Greg…

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Stephen Macdonald joins Taronga Ventures

We are pleased to announce that Stephen Macdonald has joined the Taronga Ventures team as an Investment Director.

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Real Estate Technology – Threat or Opportunity?

Taronga Group's Real Tech Ventures has recently announced a strategic alliance with KPMG Enterprise High Growth Ventures focused on developing opportunities for the RealTech…

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