Australian Unity partners with Taronga Ventures on RealTech growth program, RealTechX

The insurance giant Australian Unity has partnered with venture capital firm Taronga Ventures to promote growth within the real estate sector through an innovation program called…

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Opinion: Proptech Success

Taronga Group's Jonathan Hannam composed an opinion piece for RICS's magazine, Modus.

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RealTechX Growth Program November Update

RealTechX Growth Program update from November, 2019

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PGIM Real Estate partners with Taronga Ventures to drive Innovation into the real estate sector

Recognizing that technology and innovation is becoming a differentiator to the global property industry, PGIM Real Estate has partnered with Asian real estate innovation and…

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Taronga Group Appoints Dr Sven Sylvester as Corporate Innovation Lead and Investment Director

Taronga Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Sven Sylvester as Corporate Innovation Lead for Taronga Venture Advisory and Investment Director for the RealTech…

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KPMG Delivers Founder Programs for Taronga Ventures

Taronga Group has enjoyed a strategic alliance with KPMG High Growth Ventures for the past 2-years, delivering research, initiatives and thought leadership together in the…

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The Rise of RealTech: The Innovations Influencing How we Live, Work and Play

Taronga Group's RealTechX Growth Program Manager Julian Kezelman composed an article this month for growth businesses and entrepreneur publication, SmartCompany. 

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Taronga Group Investment Ynomia Scores $3.6 million Funding

Smart Company reporter Stephanie Palmer-Derrien features Taronga Group in article '"Beyond expectations": Construction startup Ynomia bags $3.6 million from the investors of its…

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Q&A: Avi Naidu and Jonathan Hannam

The Australian reporter David Swan interviewed Taronga Group Managing Directors Avi Naidu and Jonathan Hannam discussing the future of real estate technology, and the role of the…

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Taronga Ventures Launches RealTechX Growth Program in Melbourne

Thank you to everyone that attended this week’s Melbourne launch event of the RealTechX Growth Program.

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