Applying innovation to drive better environment, social and governance (ESG) outcomes

Our RealTechX innovation program supports established real estate corporates to become better adopters of emerging technologies.

Innovative technology companies are invited into the program to address the most pressing problems faced by our real estate corporate partners.

Today, the most pressing problems faced by the sector revolve around environment, social and governance (ESG) concerns.

Our ESG Impact program will support our corporate partners to apply the right mindset, practices and technology solutions to drive measurable differences in their long-term ESG performance.

For Program Applicants

The program is designed to meet the needs of later-stage technology businesses operating in the real estate industry, offering access to customers, investment and growth expertise.

RealTechX’s focus on driving commercial outcomes defines the program and presents a unique opportunity for businesses ready to scale their growth efforts.

About RealTechX

RealTechX lives at the intersection of emerging technology companies and established corporates in the real estate and built environment sectors.

The program provides an effective interface between innovators and industry, driving technology adoption, innovation and transformation of the traditional industry.

The program is backed by Taronga Ventures.

For more information about the RealTechX Growth Program and our participants, download our RealTechX Australia 2020 booklet and RealTechX Australia 2021 booklet.

For Network Partners

The program is supported by an extensive network of leading corporate partners, along with government departments and tertiary institutions.

Core benefits of partnering with RealTechX include: 1) demonstrating market leadership with a core network of partners, 2) early access to innovative technologies and 3) implementing solutions that drive total portfolio return.

For an initial discussion on partnership benefits with our Program Director, please email

RealTechX Alumni