About Us

Taronga is an investment house that brings together institutional real estate investment with technology and innovation to create a unique eco-system for global institutional, corporate and ultra-high net worth investors.

We provide innovative and creative solutions that deliver lasting value for our partners, our portfolios and the communities in which we work.

We have extensive experience across global real estate markets and sectors, supported by a network of strategic and institutional partners in Asia, USA, the Middle East and Europe.



Long term value creation is the central focus of our role as an investment manager


Our stakeholder interests are managed with transparency and professionalism


We support and engage individuals and organisations shaping tomorrow’s social, physical and commercial landscapes 


Our experience, capability and result-orientation enable real value creation 


A key focus for Taronga is long term sustainable investment. In making investments we consider economic, social and environmental impact.


Taronga supports a number of community initiatives in the communities in which we are active.


Taronga believes that diversity of experience delivers a diversity in creative thinking. The business is actively engaged with people from different perspectives and expertise as diversity is a key facet of our values.